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Managing your investment


Whether you are an experienced investor or a first time landlord, we can help you generate income while preserving your asset. We love real estate and we treat your property like its our own. We can take the stress out of leasing or managing your rental property. We have the experience and network of vendors to keep your property leased and maintenance costs down. There are generally three main situations where we can get involved and help.

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Maybe you are comfortable managing your property but don't know where to start when it comes to finding a qualified tenant and doing the paperwork. This is where we come in. We will market your property, handle all of the showings, screen tenants, prepare the lease agreement, get it signed, collect the security deposit and first month's rent. 

At this point, we turn the property back over to you for managing from that point forward. 

Leasing and Managing


By far our most popular option, we take care of everything from A to Z. As the owner, you can be involved as little or as much as you desire.

Conscientious management of your investment property and maximizing the return on your investment are the most important things we can provide to you when you hire Cambiar Real Estate Group LLC  to manage your property.

Enforcing the terms and conditions of the lease and improving the profitability of your property are just two of the areas where we can add value for you as the owner. There are many details to be addressed in property management and we have the experience and expertise to handle them all.



Landlord Relief


Maybe you started out with your rental property leasing and managing on your own and now you don't have the time to handle the day to day responsibilities of managing your property. Maybe you've reached an age where its time for you to slow down a little and not work so hard everyday. Maybe its time for you to retire and spend more time traveling or living in a warmer climate during the winter months. 


Whatever the situation, you can still continue to own your property and receive the benefits without the hassle of day to day management. 

Here are just some of the benefits you will receive when you place your trust and your property in the hands of Cambiar Real Estate Group LLC.


  • All of the vendors we use to complete maintenance on your property are experienced and professional.

  • Routine Maintenance: Small repairs are more cost effective than large repairs. We encourage tenants to let us know about small maintenance items before these problems become more serious and more costly to correct.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance

  • Periodic Drive-by Inspections

  • Monthly financial statements and timely disbursement of monthly proceeds

  • Online account access 

  • Preventive maintenance programs to promote long-term tenant and property value retention.

  • Aggressive marketing in a wide variety of print and electronic media.

  • Professional tenant screening services that provide a comprehensive background check on all prospective tenants.

  • Leases that are professionally prepared and reviewed by our legal counsel.

  • Compliance with State & Federal Fair Housing laws

  • Relief from the stress of having to deal with tenant issues on a day to day basis

  • Improved physical condition and reputation of the property

  • Rental rates that maximize total income. We do extensive market research to determine the optimal rental rates

What others are saying

Amor C.

Seattle, WA

I own a two story, 3 bedroom, 2 and a half bath and 2 car garage town home in Omaha. Three years ago, due to a fantastic career opportunity, I had to relocate to  Seattle, WA. Due to the demands of the new job, I had to relocate (to Seattle) very quickly and had no extra time or energy to prep my town home up for sale. I decided to rent out my town home via Cambiar Real Estate (Tim Leatherman).


Tim came highly recommended as a property manager by my realtor (Julia Brown) -- I bought my town home from her. She assured me that I would be leaving my town home in good hands with Cambiar Real Estate, and that I would not have to worry about anything. She was absolutely right! Cambiar Real Estate has provided the best service ever and I have been a very happy and satisfied client for the past three years.


I have been very happy and satisfied with the following: property maintenance and repair, finding reliable and qualified tenants (renters), keeping my town home occupied at all times (there's only been a month or two gap between renter transition), and most importantly - good communication. Cambiar Real Estate has a very professional record keeping system and keeps you constantly apprised of status of your property.


Above all, Cambiar Real Estate has given me peace of mind. I would highly recommend Cambiar Real Estate as your property manager, should the need arise during your next career or life move/change.

Jim L.

Tampa, FL

"I have been using Cambiar's Rental Management services for almost seven years. They have performed this service flawlessly and have earned every dollar of the fee they have charged. My wife and I are completely  satisfied with Cambiar Real Estate Group and would whole heartily recommend them to family and friends."

Clint G.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Cambiar Real Estate has been amazing to work with from the start. They have taken care of everything and anything while keeping me informed of all the latest information with my property. A couple of years back after a major hail storm and some significant damage to my roof, Cambiar Real Estate facilitated getting the roof replaced, getting a claim in to my insurance company, and significantly reduced my stress."


Doug & Angie H.

Novato, CA

"If You are truly looking for passive income and to eliminate the headaches associated with owning rental property, I can't recommend Cambiar Real Estate Group and Tim Leatherman strongly enough. 

My wife and I live in California and have been using Cambiar to manage our properties for almost 7 years.  Tim quickly learned our investment and management philosophy and has effectively carried it out on our behalf.

Cambiar Real Estate Group has greatly increased our confidence and effectiveness in investing remotely and is an integral component of our investment decision making process."


Brent T.

Scottsdale, AZ

"I have used Cambiar’s services to manage my properties for over 5 years.  Tim Leatherman is very professional and timely in dealing with me as well as the tenants.   He pays attention to ensuring my properties are well maintained and occupied by qualified tenants.   Furthermore, he is very timely with all the necessary record keeping.  


 I would recommend his services to others.”


Todd P.

Farmington, CT

"Cambiar Real Estate Group was a blessing, we were in a big need of a property management group that we could trust during a change in our family’s life. We trust Cambiar Real Estate Group with our home, they do a great job communicating any and all events with the home. Furthermore, they work closely with the tenants to make sure their needs are met 100% too. I would fully recommend Cambiar Real Estate Group to any homeowner looking for a highly qualified property management service."

Mark L.

Chino, CA

"After a very disappointing experience with another local property manager, connecting with Cambiar Real Estate Group and Tim Leatherman was a refreshing change.  Tim has worked tirelessly to provide outstanding service as my property manager.  For more than 7 years, he has found and retained excellent tenants, kept up with regular and unexpected maintenance, and provided both thorough and timely monthly and year end reporting.  He does an exceptional job of providing me with the answers before I can ask the questions!  My only wish is that he could manage properties in all 50 states!!"

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Minimum Property Standards

We feel that it is important to maintain minimum property standards in order to enhance and protect our owners, tenants and the reputation of Cambiar Real Estate Group LLC. The following property standards must be maintained at all times. 


Exterior Conditions

  • Structural – Property is to be structurally sound

  • Roofs & Gutters – Roofs must be free of leaks and in good repair. Gutters are to be clean and free flowing.

  • Windows & Locks – All window glass must not be broken or cracked. All windows and locks must be operational.

  • Doors & Locks – All exterior doors are to be in sound condition and weather tight. All locks are to be re-keyed between occupancies and be operational at all times.

  • Siding & Paint – Siding and trim paint is to remain free of peeling.

  • Lighting – Exterior lighting is to be provided on perimeter areas where hazards may exist. All burned out bulbs are to be replaced immediately.

  • Landscape, Trees, Lawn – Landscaping is to be well maintained and at all times provide a neat appearance. Mowing, watering and trimming is to be done when required from time to time. All personal property, trash receptacles and disabled cars are to remain out of sight. All debris is to be removed in a timely manner.


Interior Conditions

  • Heating System – All properties are to be equipped with an adequate heating system that meets local building codes and is in good repair at all times.

  • Electrical System – All electrical components are to remain in good repair and meet local building codes.

  • Plumbing System – All properties are to be supplied with hot and cold running water. Plumbing fixtures are to be operational and remain free of leaks. Water heaters should be set to meet local building codes and be equipped with a pressure relief valve.

  • Appliances – All appliances left remaining on the property are to be maintained in good working order. Defective appliances are to be replaced/repaired immediately.

  • Smoke Detectors – All properties are to be equipped with at least one operational smoke detector in each sleeping area and with at least one operational smoke detector in a central location of the property.

  • Flooring – All flooring materials are to be clean and maintained in good condition at all times.


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